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Monday 28th January 2019 until 3:00 PM
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Reviews from some of our customers
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Julie Bail
Jennifer Veal
Really fast delivery (15-20 minutes) and delicious food! The Dahl was amazing!
Anthony Lewis
Order ready on time and up to the usual high standard.
Prefect service, delicious food!!! ++++
Ian Boswell
I tried to place and order a month ago and failed on the web site. Tried again today and after entering the order twice it proceeded. the problem was that I tried to give the driver a tip which upset the site. I advised you of this last time as well - can you fix it up please then everything will be just great - looking forward to the food
David Turnbull
This was our third meal from Grace of India. Great food as usual. Delivered sooner than expected. Excellent.
Stephen Thomas
always delivery high quality and usually fast friendly delivery.
Very very good
My only contstructive feedback was that the "hot" rogan josh was pretty mild, but everything was delicious and spot on time.
Stephen Thomas
Always provides high quality Indian food at a reasonable price.
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